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5 Year warranty

We stand for quality and our pillows have a standard 5-year warranty on memory foam. Is the pillow no longer going to its original shape? Contact us and you will receive a new one free of charge.

Try 30 days

A pillow can be different for everyone and that is why we offer a standard 30-day trial period. Don't like it? No problem, you can return the pillow for free.

100% satisfaction

We strive for the full satisfaction of our customers and therefore offer a standard money-back guarantee.

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COMFYCENTRE® Orthopedic Knee pillow for Sidesleeper


Make your nights even more relaxing with our knee pillow!

This practical ergonomic leg cushion supports your lying position optimally and ensures that your legs, joints and back are relieved as best as possible. The pillow can help relieve pressure and pain in your knees, hips or spine.

COMFYCENTRE® ergonomic backpillow


This back cushion offers optimal support for (long-term) sitting. The lumbar support is ergonomically designed so that you are always in an optimal sitting position.

COMFYCENTRE® Orthopedic Sitcushion for backpain


Do you have pain when sitting for a long time? Or do you want to improve your posture while sitting? With this orthopedic cushion we are happy to help you get rid of or prevent this pain.

This wedge cushion (seat cushion) ensures that you can sit comfortably in your car seat, office chair or wheelchair. The ergonomic design of this pillow offers you optimal support, which can reduce the stress on the coccyx, sacrum or lumbar spine. Our pillow ensures maximum comfort and pressure relief on the legs and back.

our Customers say..

"Had both my hips replaced several years ago and since then I regularly get cramps, leg pain and even worser pain at times when laying down especially in bed and then having to shoot out of it. Really happy I purchased this as my sleep has greatly improved and my jumping out of bed is now non existent (touch wood), I regret not buying one sooner, Thank-You.''
"As a side sleeper I have tucked pillows between my legs or even the duvet as there are times where you just want to sleep with a some support for your one leg. I sleep on a memory foam mattress so this is like having that level of comfort and support for your both of your legs and not just the one in contact with the mattress.''
"Das Kissen ist enorm praktisch. Ursprünglich habe ich es als Kniekissen bestellt, wozu man es natürlich auch sehr gut verwenden kann aber ich habe festgestellt, dass es auch ein super Kopfkissen ist. Sehr schön stabil man kann damit toll lesen der Kopf wird gut gestützt. Wenn man es verwendet wie vorgesehen hält es sehr gut an den Knien es ist ziemlich fest und stabil.''
"Das Kissen kam gerollt bei mir an. Es ist eingeschweißt gewesen und hat sich nach dem auspacken gut ausgedehnt. Das Kissen ist sehr gut verarbeitet, der Bezug lässt sich leicht ablösen und sogar waschen. Ich empfinde das Kissen als sehr angenehm am Rücken und bei langen Autofahrten entspannt es meinen Rücken echt gut.''


We have a strong focus on customer service and it is our company’s goal to solve any problems you may have in the shortest possible time.

In addition, we guarantee to refund your money within 30 days if you are not satisfied with our product. Simply return the product by post within 30 days to receive a full refund.

We have made it our mission to make high quality ergonomic products available to you at prices you can afford. We do this by bypassing the middlemen and bringing you our products directly from the manufacturer, so that you can be assured of quality products with an unbeatable price/quality ratio.

Our products promote a healthy lifestyle

COMFYCENTRE® products are designed to support a healthy lifestyle and provide maximum comfort. With our products we target on comfort and optimal support to prevent negative effects during prolonged physicial stress. We support your body before you need a doctor.

We are never satisfied with just the status quo of our brand and are always looking for new ways to improve our products. Our office is located in the heart of Leeuwarden, where we work on new ideas for our brand, from the design to the distribution of our products.

Open and honest communication is of the utmost importance to us, both within our team and with our customers. It is part of our culture to openly criticize our products in order to make improvements.

We depend primarily on your opinion when developing our products and are always open to discussing improvements to our products with you.

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