Back pain can be easily prevented while sleeping, learn how

3 ways to prevent back pain while sleeping

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Do you often wake up at night from back pain or do you have a bad night’s sleep because of persistent pain? A lot of people suffer from this, and few can get rid of it without help. This is because backpain while sleeping, unlike other forms of pain, does not always go away.

Often the cause is a wrong posture or injury, which can only be cured with the right support. Here a knee cushion works best. But because we want you to be able to heal as quickly as possible, we have listed the best ways.

Use a knee cushion with memory foam

With us you get a knee pillow made of real memory foam. Because in order to reduce back pain while sleeping you need not only support between your legs, this support must also be well formed to your body. Because memory foam is very moldable, it always takes the right fit. This is one of the reasons why a knee cushion with memory foam is so much more effective than a normal pillow that you put between your legs.

Check whether your mattress is good

There is a lot of difference in quality when it comes to mattresses. A bad and not supportive mattress can make sure that your back pain does not become less during sleep, and in some cases even worse. Test yourself what is most comfortable for you, a memory foam mattress, pocket sprung mattress or another type of mattress.

The problem may also be in the way you use your mattress. Do you have a pocket spring mattress, for example? Then there is a specific way to lie on this. Pocket springs means that there are several pockets in the mattress that springs in different ways. Logically, shoulders and hips can sink deeper than the rest of your body, this gives a better lying posture. But if you are lying on the mattress in reverse (ie with your head on the actual foot end), the pockets do not match your body shape. In that case, try to lie in bed the other way around (or turn your mattress 180 degrees).

Strengthen your back

In some cases back pain can be remedied by training the back muscles. If you continue to suffer from back pain while sleeping, you can start a workout in consultation with your doctor and / or physio to strengthen your back muscles. This in combination with a good knee cushion (such as a knee cushion with memory foam) can really mean miracles for these cases.

COMFYCENTRE® Knee Pillow for Side sleepers


This knee pillow pillow easily creates a better sleeping position and prevents the knees from constantly pressing against each other while sleeping. By sleeping with an orthopaedic leg cushion your spine will be in a neutral position which will drastically reduce pain in the knees and back.

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