Avoid knee pain while sleeping before you get it!

3 ways to prevent knee pain while sleeping

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Do you suffer from knee pain in bed? You’re not the only one! Many people have a bad night’s sleep due to persistent knee pain. In many cases, it keeps people awake for a long time every night, and they do not get the peace they need to heal. Precisely for you and all those other people who suffer from this, we have listed a number of tips.

Because buying knee cushions is without doubt one of the best direct remedies available, but we want you to get rid of your pain as quickly as possible. If you follow all these tips and ways, hopefully you will soon be able to sleep all night long without being awed by pain.

Knee cushions provide the best support

There is a reason why we offer knee pads. In the area of ​​knee pain during sleep, this is the best solution that has been developed in recent years. The clever shape provides a relaxed lying posture that gives your knees the rest, so you can finally rest for yourself. We advise everyone who suffers from this to try out a knee pillow for bed. The knee pillow that you can buy from us are made of high quality memory foam so they always have the best fit.

A smooth fitted sheet does wonders

Turning in bed causes pain for many people. This is partly aggravated by a rough fitted sheet. As a result, there is more friction during the movement, which results in more pain than is strictly necessary. Do you suffer from this? Then you could try a smooth fitted sheet. As a result, the friction will decrease considerably, so that turning is better. This also works very well in combination with a knee pillow for in bed

Immediately relieve the pain

Are you in bed with pain now and do you want to stop it now? Then a painkiller is the only directly working option. It relieves pain but is not a good basis for a daily solution. Do you still have a knee pillow to support your knees? Then you can temporarily place a pillow or blanket between your knees. This mimics the effect of a knee pillow, but is a lot less effective. It can, however, give a direct softening that you need to at least hold out until you can buy knee pads, or until your knee pillow is delivered in bed.

COMFYCENTRE® Knee Pillow for Side sleepers


This knee pillow pillow easily creates a better sleeping position and prevents the knees from constantly pressing against each other while sleeping. By sleeping with an orthopaedic leg cushion your spine will be in a neutral position which will drastically reduce pain in the knees and back.

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