Everything you need to know when buying a kneepillow

Do you suffer from knee pain at night and do you want to buy a knee pillow? Then this article is perfect for you. Thousands of people in the Netherlands suffer from knee pain every night. This pain is so penetrating and serious that they often sleep badly, or simply can not close their eyes. Not only is this in itself annoying, due to a lack of sleep your body also has less time to adequately recover and rest.

A knee pillow for in bed can offer the solution for this. Almost all people who buy knee cushions experience considerable relief from knee pain, or are no longer bothered by knee pain.

How does a kneepillow function in bed?
Before people buy knee cushions, we advise them to first look at the exact causes of the knee pain. Not only does this provide a good self-reflection on how the pain can be achieved, it also makes it clear to people how to use a knee pillow for bed.

Most of the people who suffer from this are sleeping on their sides. In this position one leg rests on the other, and knees touch each other or the other leg. This not only causes friction on the joint, it also puts the body in a wrong position. It is precisely this wrong attitude that causes long-term and persistent pain. Knee cushions offer the solution here.

A knee pillow for bed has a specific shape to support the knees optimally, and to ensure that it does not fall away too easily during sleeping. As a result, your knees will not only rest on each other less or not, your body will also assume the correct lying position. Knee cushions provide double pain relief.

The advantage of a memory foam pillow
Memory foam knee cushions ensure that the knee pad takes your body shape to provide the perfect support. Memory foam works as a kind of mold and is pressure-reducing and ensures that you are more comfortable than a regular pillow.

Also, memory foam generally has a ventilating capacity so that the pillow will not irritate during the night due to sweat, for example.

Do knee cushions really work?
Did you know that many people who suffer from knee pain at night experience the effect of a knee pillow subconsciously? They often lie with one leg underneath and one leg above the blanket, so that the blankets work as improvised knee cushions. Of course, this is not nearly as effective as knee cushions, since these are specially designed for ease of use and comfort.

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